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The Department of Computer science (DCS) is home to a vibrant and talented community of academics, researchers and students. Recognised for high quality teaching and research, we attract staff and students from all cities of Pakistan. Driven by our research expertise and supported by excellent facilities, our undergraduate courses help students to develop their academic abilities and the essential skills required for the workplace such as evidence-based analysis and decision-making, problem-solving and project management skills. Future employability and career success are supported by our professional placement schemes.

Besides the regular teaching to BS (CS) & ADP (CS) programs the faculty of computer science is also engaged in teaching of computer related courses both at intermediate level (ICS) and B.A./B.S (honor) level offered by the GC University. In the forthcoming academic session the Department of Computer Science intends to introduce more disciplines of information technology at BS and MS level degree programs.

We are offering an exciting BSCS courses designed to ensure that our students have the knowledge and abilities that they will need for their future careers. The BS programmes of Computer Science is integral to the course portfolio, but students will now be able to choose their final projects in different fields of IT, depending on their future career aspirations, in areas such as business, digital media, gaming platforms, software engineering and Wireless Networks.

Computer Lab

The Department of Computer Science has a latest collection of sophisticated computers installed at the campus. Over 75 computers consisting of original FUJITSU Laptops & Desktop Computers such as IBM, COMPAQ and compatibles with latest Pentium processors are available to the student body for unlimited usage. All the computers are networked using routers and switches. The servers consist of SUN Enterprise, COMPAQ and IBM computers. The students have extensive exposure to multi-user, multitasking environment supported by various hardware resources and offering different software platforms including SOLARIS, WINDOWS 2007, DOS, Novell Netware, LINUX, .NET, ORACLE etc. inter-connected through Local Area Networking (LAN). They have the advantage of gaining unique experience of free and unlimited access to the facilities of the GC Computer Labs, where each computer is attached with online printer and all machines are warranted uninterrupted operations because of individual protection by branded UPS system. The Department staff is always alert to provide timely help to each student. The computing facilities at the GC include name of the lab is the Digital Computer Lab.

Future Prospects / Mission Statement

The Department of Computer Science at GC Mandi Bahauddin aims to produce a permanent flow of young and talented people in the IT industry and these people should work for better future of our up-coming generations. To achieve this goal, department is providing best facilities and staff members support to all students The Department is also providing the option to undertake research or development for talented students and faculty members.



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Mr. Faisal Shahzad

Head of Department
Department of Computer Science
GC Mandi Bahauddin

Cell #:    +92-331 4978870